FanVision is a movie production, specialized in 3D animation, digital VFX, dubbing, music soundtrack, radio, tv show and events, was originally formed to produce fan film. Later 2010 become famous because the producer Diego Vida decide to realize the first japanese Martial Art and Poetry documentary in the world named Budo: The way of the warrior, putting together for the first time Haiku and Budo for QOOB a streaming channel Tv by MTV. The movie production has 1 film, 1 documentary and 3 fan films in its library.

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  • 11 - News (10 August 2009). Un italiano di Nome Tv Video Regione trasmettere i Intervista Dedicata a Diego Vida & FanVision.
  • 13 - News (2009). Il Funzionario web Castlevania Wikia pagina Internazionale, Nazioni Unite aprire FanVision Vampire Killer film.

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